67 Hamilton Drive, Hillhead
Also known as North Park Terrace
Known as 26 Hamilton Drive before 1870.

No occupants given until 1859

1859-61    Buchanan, John, Western Bank of Scotland

1861-65    Huppertz, Wm. (of Reichmann & Co., merchants, 37 St. Vincent Place)

1865-75    Drew, Wm. (of Robertson & Drew, accountants and sharebrokers, 168 St. Vincent St.)

1875-84    MacIndoe, F.H.P. (of MacIndoe Brothers, stockbrokers, members of the Glasgow Stock Exchange, 21 St. Vincent Place)

1884    No occupants given until 1885

1885-89    Steele, Misses

1889-96    Thomson, Mrs.

1896-98    Christie, James R.B. (of Christie Brothers, merchants and commission agents, 188 St. Vincent St.)

1898-1906    Sutherland, J.R., civil engineer, 45 John St.

1906-14    French, Robert D. (of Maclay & McIntyre, shipbrokers, 21 Bothwell Street)

1914    No occupants given until after 1915

Next door to 65 Hamilton Drive     Across Buckingham Street to 75 Hamilton Drive (8 Queen Margaret Crescent)

Around the corner to 6 Buckingham Street

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