2 Hamilton Drive, Hillhead
Also known as North Park Terrace
Known as 2 Hamilton Drive North before 1870.

No occupants given until 1865

1865-68    Menzies, Rev. Peter Sinclair, clergyman, St. George's-in-the-Fields

1868-73    Park, Robt. B. (of Robt. B. Park & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 20 South Frederick Street)

1873    No occupants given until 1874

1874-76    Campbell, A.

1876-91    Arthur, Charles (at Glasgow Pottery)

1891-97    Mann, Charles, secretary (Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co. Ltd., manufacturing chemists & makers of crude oil, refined, burning & lubricating oils, candles, solid paraffin, paraffin lamps, &c.; Addiewell Chemical Works, by West Calder ; Chemical Works, Bathgate ; office, 30 George Square & 7 West George St.)

1897    Broadfoot, D. Sinclair, writer, 178 St. Vincent St.

Next door to 4 Hamilton Drive

Around the corner to 21 Hamilton Park Avenue (1 Hamilton (Park) Terrace)

Across Hamilton Drive to 1 Hamilton Drive

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