26 Hamilton Drive, Hillhead
Also known as North Park Terrace
Known as 14 Hamilton Drive North before 1870.

No occupants given until 1863

1863-75    Wingate, Walter E. (of Hewit & Wingate, calico printers, 14 West Nile Street)

1871-73    Wingate, Mrs.

1875-93    Frew, Alex., civil engineer and land surveyor, 175 Hope Street

1893-96    Tod, Miss M.P., massage and electricity (certificated), 20 Rupert St.

1896    No occupants given until 1897

1897-1906    Sykes, Alex. (of Sykes & Co., agents for W. Whitelaw & Son, Fisherrow Brewery, office, 68 Bath St. ; stores, Buchanan St. Station)

1906-13    Frew, Gordon T., civil engineer and land surveyor, 216 West George St.

1913    Galloway, A.W. (of Gavin Brothers & Galloway, forage & moss litter importers, 112 Wellington St.)

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