17 Hamilton Drive, Hillhead
Also known as North Park Terrace
Known as 9 Hamilton Drive before 1870.

No occupants given until 1858

1858-64    Becket, Hugh (at R. Dalglish, Falconer & Co., calico printers, 29 St. Vincent Place)

1862-65    Beckett, James (of Becketts & Co., calico printers, 16 St. Vincent Place)

1865-69    Brown, Mrs. Archd.

1869-73    Cairns, Mrs. James

1871-73    Cairns, James C.

1873-90    Peebles, Wm. (of Peebles, Anderson & Co., drysalters and yarn merchants, 106 West George Street)

1890-97    Peebles, Misses, teachers of music and singing

1897-1905    Copland, Mrs. Margaret

1905    No occupants given until 1906

1906    Craig, Hugh J., fire inspector, Royal Insurance Co. Ltd., 9 High St., Paisley

1906    Craig, Mrs.

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