2 Lilybank Place, Hillhead
Now 169 Great George Street

No occupant given until 1885

1885-87    Butters, Joseph, fishmonger, 23 Prince of Wales Terrace, Byres Road

1886-88    Mitchell, Robt., traveller (at Adam & Wright, hosiers, glovers and smallware merchants, button factors, boot and shoe factors, 101 Glassford St.)

1887-89    Gemmell, Matthew, property agent, valuator, house factor and mortgage broker, 75 Bath St.

1889-94    Barclay, Mrs.

1889-95    Barr, John, tobacconist, 220 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1889-93    Graham, Miss

1895-98    Machin, Anna, teacher of music

1897-1911    Duncan, Arthur, chemist and druggist (registered), 276 Byres Road

1898    Ceccaldi, Mademoiselle Eugenie, professor of French

1899-1904    Butters, Joseph, fish merchant, 378 Byres Road

1900-04    Girdwood, Mrs. Christina

1900-03    Walker, John, fishmonger, poulterer and licensed game dealer, 245 Byres Road

1901-03    Douglas, Wm., teacher, Free Church Training College, Lynedoch Street

1901-03    Ross, Douglas

1905-08    Hutchison, James M., clerk

1907-08    Sutherland, Wm.

1911-12    Weir, Rich.

1912    Hansel, Edward H., translator & engineer

1913    Paterson, Miss M.

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