59 Fergus Drive, North Kelvinside
Formerly known as 59 Cambridge Drive.

No occupants given until 1897

1897-1905    Baird, Andrew, traveller (at Robert Mowat, wholesale tea merchant, 143 St. Vincent St.)

1897-1903    Halero, T.W., cashier (at H.P. Buchanan & Co., East India merchants, 21 Bothwell Street)

1897-1900    McLean, Malcolm B., traveller (at Mathew Algie & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 24 Ann St.)

1897-1902    Paterson, W.B. (at Barrett & Co., wholesale and export bottlers and aerated water manufacturers, 37 Clarendon St.)

1898-1902    Harvey, D.P.

1898-1903    Rennie, Daniel, grocer and provision merchant, grocer and provision merchant, 849 New City Road

1905-08    Brown, J.M., representative, George Angus & Co., Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne, 116 Hope St.

1908    No occupants given until after 1915

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