57 Fergus Drive, North Kelvinside
Formerly known as 57 Cambridge Drive.

No occupants given until 1898

1898-99    Campbell, Geo.

1898-1900    Christie, D.M.

1898-1904    Henry, James, representative of the Lamson Paragon Supply Co. Ltd., London, check books, paper bags & all kinds of duplicating books

1898-1900    Ronald, R.

1898-1901    Storry, Alexander (at Moores, Carson & Watson, chartered accountants & stockbrokers, 209 West George St.)

1904-06    Wilson, Alex. (of Alex. Wilson & Co., tile and terrazzo contractors, 229 St. Vincent St.)

1906-12    Gilmour, J.

1912    Adams, G.

1912-13    Cameron, A.

1913    Campbell, J.D.

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