146 Fergus Drive, North Kelvinside
Formerly known as 146 Cambridge Drive.

No occupants given until 1897

1897-1914    Chalmers, M., house factor, property and insurance agent, 29 Steven St.

1897-1902    Cree, James S. (of Alex. Cree & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers and carpet warehousemen, Kelvindale Lane)

1898-99    Hopps, James Montgomery, inland revenue officer, Port-Dundas Distillery

1898-1900    Jordan, J.A.

1898-99    Sim, Wm. C., house propietor, 17 (now 75) Queen Margaret Drive

1899-1906    Henderson, James Blacklock, D.Sc, physicist and electrician (Barr & Stroud, 250 Byres Road ; works, 44-46 Ashton Lane)

1900-03    Eberhardt, C.C. Rutter (at James Gardiner & Co., ship owners, ship brokers & shipping agents, 24 St. Vincent Place)

1912    Taylor, John, elocutionist

1912    Watson, Wilson & Co., warehousemen, 250 Byres Road

1913-14    McLean, Mrs.

1914    Grieve, J.

1914    Taylor, John (at Wylie, Stewart & Marshall, timber merchants, Western Saw Mills, Firhill Basin)

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