142 Fergus Drive, North Kelvinside
Formerly known as 142 Cambridge Drive.

No occupants given until 1896

1896-1903    Watson, J. Douglas (of Gilmour & Watson, wholesale jewellers, &c., 68 Mitchell Street)

1898-1901    Gall, Mrs. C.

1898-1901    Honeyman, Miss

1898-99    Johnston, Mrs.

1898-99    Kennedy, Alex.

1902-03    Johnstone, A.S. (of A.S. Johnstone & Co., agents and general merchants, &c., electrical engineers, 57 Hope St.)

1903    Curry, J., commercial traveller

1903    Hardie, Morris (Alex Woodrow & Son, lithographic printers & engravers, 75 Glasford St.)

1904-06    Neilson, W.B., second master, Kennedy St. School

1904-06    Russell, G. (at Dixon Brothers, stock and sharebrokers, 34 W. George St.)

1904-08    Taylor, John, elocutionist

1910-11    Lawrie, A. Philip, representing Wm. Birtwistle, Manchester

1912-13    Hendry, R.N., manufacturers' agent, 40 Union St.

1912-13    Maule, Wm. P., representative (McDowall, Steven & Co. Ltd., ironfounders, Laurieston Iron Works, Falkirk)

1913-14    Steel, Mrs.

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