2 Dundonald Road, Dowanhill
Also known as 124 Observatory Road, Dowanhill
House name : Emslie
Formerly 1 Dundonald Road, before 1880

No occupants given until 1873

1873-85    MacKillop, John (of John MacKillop & Co., merchants, 143 later at 121 West Regent St.)

1885-87    McKillop, Mrs.

1887-92    Edward, David (of George Edward & Sons, diamond merchants, manufacturing gold- & silversmiths, clock makers, 92 Buchanan St. & 12 South Exchange Place)

1892-97    McKinnon, Robert Cowan (of Taylor, Laughland & Co., African merchants, agents for the British & African Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., 204 St. Vincent St.)

1897-1908    Donaldson, Arch. F. (of Donaldson Brothers, steamship owners, 165 St. Vincent St.)

1908    Donaldson, Mrs. Arch. F.

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Across Dundonald Road to 160 Observatory Road

Across Observatory Road to 15 Bowmont Gardens

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