26 Dowanside Road, Dowanhill
Originally known as 15 Albion Crescent, then as Albion Street.

No occupants given until 1875

1875-85    Gibb, John

1885-96    Gibb, Mrs. John

1896-99    Binning, Miss

1897-1904    Binning, John, merchant, 157 West George St.

1904-08    Youden, John (of John Youden & Co. Ltd., marble cutters & sculptors, mosaic & encaustic tile layers, wall decorators, 12 Bothwell St.; works, 152-154 St. Vincent Lane)

1908    No occupants given until 1909

1909-12        Dixon, T.O.

1912    No occupants given until after 1915

Next door to 24 Dowanside Road (14 Albion Crescent)     Across Victoria Crescent Road to Willowbank Bowling Club

Around the corner to 2 Victoria Crescent Road (formerly 1 Victoria Crescent)

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