21 Dowanside Road, Dowanhill
Originally known as 26 Albion Crescent, then as Albion Street.

No occupants given until 1890

1890-92    Fraser, D. Munro, M.A., H.M. Inspector of Schools

1892-95     Bassett, John (of Croggon & Co. Ltd., galvanizers, roofing manufacturers, ships' sheathing & boiler felts, tanks, iron church and house builders, 7 John St.)

1893-98    Stirling, John L.

1898-1900    Brown, Miss C.J.

1900    No occupants given until 1901

1901-04    Munro, Mrs. A., teacher of dancing and deportment

1904    No occupants given until 1907

1907-12    Hirst, J. Crossland, musician, professor of music, Athenaeum

1912    No occupants given until 1915

Next door to 19 Dowanside Road (25 Albion Crescent)     Across Caledon Street & Beaumont Gate to 45 Dowanside Road (1 Albert Gate)

Around the corner to 14 Caledon Street (1 Strathallan Terrace)

Across Dowanside Road to 26 Dowanside Road

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