5 Cranworth Street, Hillhead
Silverwells Mansions

No occupants given until 1905

1905-11    Campbell, A.M. (of Campbell Brothers, warehousemen, 109 Trongate)

1905-11    Campbell, James S. (of Campbell Brothers, warehousemen, 109 Trongate)

1905-09    Dalglish, Thomas (of Wm. Buchanan & Co., hay, grain, straw and seed merchants 397-399 Parliamentary Road)

1905-06    Paterson, Richard, M.I.N.S.T.N.A., naval architect and engineer, 53 Bothwell St.

1906    Guthrie, John B. (of Thos. Skinner & Co., ship & insurance brokers, 30 Renfield St.)

1907-09    Price, Frank G., merchant and agent, 57 Hope St.

1907-11    Thornton, Rev. J.J., New Jerusalem Church, Woodlands Road

1909-10    Borthwick, McLean, teacher of singing

1909-12    Kerr, Henry H.S. (of H.H. Kerr & Co., manufacturers of bleached cotton, damasks & napkins, overcoat check linings, fancy vestings, 140 Crownpoint St.)

1912    Findlay, A.

1912    Law, Wm., M.A., headmaster, John Street H.G. School

Next door to 11 Cranworth Street

Around the corner to 7 Vinicombe Street

Across the Cranworth Street to 8 Cranworth Street

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