11 Cranworth Street, Hillhead
Silverwells Mansions

No occupants given until 1905

1905-09    McVicar, James G. (at Moses McCulloch & Co., ironfounders and smiths, Cmnberland Foundry, 168 Gallowgate)

1906-07    Blackwood, James P., Bank of Scotland

1906    Hamilton, W.L., manager (The Fairbanks Co., colliery & mill furnishers, valve manufacturers, makers of weighing machines, gas engines, agricultural implements, light portable forges, trucks, barrows, pulleys, belting, metal sawing machines, window fittings, lifting blocks & Yale locks, 64-56 Bothwell Street)

1907-09    McLaren, Thos.

1909    Gillespie, D.

1909-10    Jeffrey, David (at Leisler, Bock & Co., merchants, 55 W. Regent St.)

1909-11    Lymburn, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 81 Candleriggs

1912    Raeburn, Miss

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