60 Montgomerie Drive, Kelvinside
now 60 Cleveden Drive, previously known as 50 Montgomerie drive.
House name : Gordon Lodge

No occupants given until 1887

1887-91    Gardner, Daniel R. (of A. Gardner & Son, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, carpet & bedding manufacturers & house furnishers, 36 Jamaica St.)

1891-1905    Moore, Alex., C.A. (of Moores, Carson & Watson, chartered accountants & stockbrokers, 209 West George St.)

1905    No occupants given until 1906

1906    MacKinlay, J.T.C. (of R.W. MacKinlay & Sons, metal smelters, refiners & merchants, Kinning Park Smelting Works, 121 Great Wellington St.)

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