58 Montgomerie Drive, Kelvinside
now 58 Cleveden Drive, previously known as 48 Montgomerie drive.
House name : Amalfi

No occupants given until 1885

1885-99    Coulson, John L. (of Steel, Coulson & Co., brewers & maltsters, Greenhead Brewery, Blackfaulds Place, 80 Canning St., Calton)

1899    Webster, H. Carvick (of Alexander, Fergusson & Co. Ltd., lead sheet, pipe, paint manufacturers, 50 Ruchill St. ; mills & warehouse, 38 McAlpine St.)

Next door to 56 Montgomerie (Cleveden) Drive (Westmount)     Next door to 60 Montgomerie (Cleveden) Drive (Gordon Lodge)

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