21 Montgomerie Drive, Kelvinside
now 21 Cleveden Drive

No occupants given until 1877

1877-91    Guthrie, Wm., LL.D., advocate, sheriff-substitute of Lanarkshire, County Buildings, Wilson St.

1888-91    Guthrie, Geo., M.A., LL.B., writer (at Nicolson, McWilliam & Co., writers, 226 West George St.)

1891-1902    McWilliam, James (of J. & J. McWilliam, wine & spirit merchants, distillers' agents, Wardrop's Court, 38 Queen St.)

1902-05    Young, John, general manager, Corporation Tramways office, 88 Renfield St.

1905    Smith, James (of F. & J. Smith, Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd., tobacco, snuff & cigarette manufacturers & cigar merchants, 151-163 George St.)

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