19 Montgomerie Drive, Kelvinside
now 19 Cleveden Drive

No occupants given until 1882

1882-87    Bell, Mrs. B. Barton

1887-91    Keyden, Theodore E. (of Keyden & Chrystal, accountants & stockbrokers, 81 St. George's Place)

1891-96    Morrison, Wm., writer (of McClure, Naismith, Brodie & Co., writers & commissioners for taking colonial affidavits, 77 St. Vincent St.)

1896    No occupants given until 1897

1897-1908    Young, T.C., LL.B. (of T.C. Young & Rowley Orr, writers, 93 West Regent St.)

1908    No occupants given until 1909

1909    Bergius, Wm. M. (of Wm. Teacher & Sons, whisky distillers, St. Enoch Square)

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