Kelvinside Church, 408 Byres Road, Hillhead
Architect : J.J. Stevenson

No occupants given until 1863

1863-1929    Kelvinside Free Church ; ministers, 1868-1907, Walter Ross Taylor
                                                                     1907-29, Peter Donald Thomson
                                             church officers, 1867-1923, James Landles
                                                                     1923-29, V.G. Taylor

1929-78    Kelvinside Church ; ministers, 1929-38, Peter Donald Thomson
                                                           1938-78, Alan Boyd Robson
                                    church officer, 1929-51, V.G. Taylor

Next door to 404 Byres Road (3 Prince of Wales Terrace)

Around the corner to 729 Great Western Road (171 Sandringham Terrace)

Across Byres Road to 389 Byres Road

Across Byres Road to 1 Grosvenor Terrace

Across Great Western Road to 31 Buckingham Terrace

Across Great Western Road to 2 Queen Margaret Drive (32 Buckingham Terrace)

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