32 Buckingham Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 2 Queen Margaret Drive, before 1906 as 95 Hamilton Drive, and before 1885 as 91 Hamilton Drive.

No occupant given until 1858

1858-60    Wright, James (of James Wright & Co., cotton brokers and commission merchants, 11 Exchange Square)

1859-63    Geddes, Geo. H., commission agent, 11 Dixon St.

1859-66    Johnston, Wm., metal broker, manufacturer & agent for lampmakers', brassfounders' & plumbers' materials, Bohemian glass, Glasgow Tube & Metal warehouse, 49 Mitchell St.

1861-63    Dunn, James

1864-69    Jaffrey, Mrs.

1864-69    Turner, Wm. M., commission merchant, 21 Renfield Street

1867-68    Wingate, Mrs. Alex.

1868-78    Guthrie, Rev. John, M.A., D.D., minister & professor of apologetics, E.U. Church, West Campbell St.

1869-70    Birrell, David (of Walker, Birrell & Co., manufacturers, 4-5 George Square ; factory, Brook St., Mile-end)

1869-78    Gumprecht, Mrs.

1870-73    Chalmers, Richard, teacher, 1 Claremont Terrace

1873-84    Cavenie, John, clothier, 34 Queen Street

1874-76    Graves, Wm. (of H.L. Schwabe & Co., merchants, 150 Hope Street)

1874-75    Jaeger, Geo. (of Kolp & Co., merchants, 81 Buchanan street, Mitchell Lane)

1875-76    Steegman, Julius (of E. & J. Steegmann & Co., merchants & commission merchants, 4 Victoria Buildings, West Regent St. ; goods entrance, 19 Bath Lane)

1878-81    King, Alex. (of Alexander King, Brown & Co., merchants and commission merchants, 23 Royal Exchange Square)

1879-85    McNaughtan, Duncan, I.A., architect, 124 Bath St.

1879-84    Sellars, James jun., I.A., architect, 266 St. Vincent Street

1884-88    Forsyth, Wm. (of Wm. Forsyth & Co., Cobden Hotel, 87 Argyle St.)

1884-87    Nelson, Andrew S. (of Andrew S. Nelson & Co., railway iron & steel merchants, rolling stock contractors, 18A Renfield St.)

1885-90    Morison, James (of Morison Bros., booksellers & stationers, 99 Buchanan St.)

1887-88    White, Eugene G. (of E. & E. Silva White, fine art dealers and publishers, 104 W. George Street)

1889-92    Brown, Mrs.

1891-94    Glen, Ninian, C.A. (of Aikman & Glen, chartered accountants, 107 St. Vincent St.)

1891-93    MacLay, Alex., C.E., B.Sc., M.I.Mech. E., professor of mechanical engineering (Technical College)

1891-92    Thomson, T. Frame, civil engineer (of Strain, Robertson & Thomson, civil engineers, 154 West George Street)

1892-1902    Sandeman, David T. (of "The Glasgow Herald")

1893-1901    Whytlaw, R.A. jun. (of R.A. Whytlaw, Son & Co., manufacturers, Grove Park Mills, 188 N. Woodside Road ; goods, Mathieson Road ; sample room, 207 Ingram St.)

1894-1900    Aikman, Patrick H., C.A. (of Aikman & Glen, chartered accountants, 107 St. Vincent Street)

1900-05    Miller, Wm., merchant, contractor, manufacturer of fire engines & automatic fire buckets, alarms, 212 St. Vincent St.; works, 134 W. George Lane

1902    Miller, John Wilson, chemist & druggist, 209-211 Byres Road, 131 Hyndland Road, 252 Buchanan St. & 300 Dumbarton Road

1902    Young, Frank W., H.M. Inspector of Schools

1905    Reid, W.P., locomotive superintendent, N.B. Railway, Cowlairs

1905-06    Wilson, J.

Around the corner to 31 Buckingham Terrace         Across Ruskin Lane to 10 Queen Margaret Drive (1 Queen Margaret Crescent)

Across Great Western Road to Kelvinside Church

Across Hamilton Drive (now Queen Margaret Drive) to Botanic Gardens

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