20 Buckingham Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 3 Ruskin Place, formerly St. James' Place.

No occupant given until 1855

1855-59    Allan, John

1859-71    Gartly, James B. (at R. Dalgleish, Falconer & Co., calico printers, 29 St. Vincent Place)

1865-72    McCulloch, Andrew

1866-67    Davis, Rev. Stephen J., Baptist minister, Educational Hall, Bath St.

1867-68    Guthrie, Rev. John, M.A., (East Howard St. Evangelical Union)

1872    No occupant given until 1873

1873-85    Hatfield, John S. (of Hatfield, Cameron & Co., merchants, ship owners & brokers, agents for White Star Line, 97 Buchanan St.)

1885    No occupant given until 1893

1893-97    Cowie, John R. (at Morningside Coal Co., 101 St. Vincent Street)

1897-1900    Henderson, Frank Y., accountant (of Henderson, Wilson & Anderson, accountants and insurance managers, 62 Buchanan Street)

1900    No occupant given until 1903

1903-04    MacPherson, H.P.

1904    No occupant given until 1905

1905    Henderson, A.M., L.R.A.M., pianist & teacher

Next door to 19 Buckingham Terrace (1 Ruskin (formerly St. James') Place)

Across Ruskin Lane to North Park Lodge

Across Ruskin (formerly St. James') Place to 20 St. James' Terrace (now 4 Ruskin Place, formerly St. James' Place)

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