19 Buckingham Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 1 Ruskin Place, formerly St. James' Place.

No occupant given until 1853

1853-58    Maxwell, Mrs. Andrew

1853-58    Stewart, John

1854-57    Ferguson, Alex. A. (of Alex. Ferguson & Co., iron and steel merchants, 54 Jamaica Street)

1854-55    Ross, Philip, commission merchant, 32 St. Vincent Place

1855-60    Smith, David, civil engineer & land surveyor, 37 West George Street

1857-60    McKenzie, Geo. W., "Reformer's Gazette", 24 Howard Street

1857-66    McKenzie, Peter, editor, "Reformer's Gazette", 24 Howard Street

1857-63    Maxwell, Andrew (of Neilson & Maxwell, iron merchants and agents, 78 James Watt Street)

1864-65    Goldie, Mrs.

1864-65    Slater, Rev. Thomas, St. George's-in-the-Fields

1865-81    Brown, Mrs. Daniel

1866-70    Muir, John, second-hand bookseller, 116 Ingram St.

1869-70    Agar, John (at Okell, Selkirk & Co., warehousemen and manufacturers, 175 Trongate)

1870-73    Muir, Mrs. Dr.

1871-83    Anderson, Alex., leather merchant, 114 Trongate

1871-76    Anderson, John S. (at Alexander Anderson, leather merchant, 114 Trongate)

1871-74    Robertson, John, calenderer and packer, 11 Prince's Square

1873-97    Brown, Colin, 5 West Regent Street

1874-75    Faulds, Robt., merchant, 79 West Regent Street

1874-75    Faulds, Thomas

1876-79    Ritchie, John, wholesale provision merchant, 10 Ingram Street

1880-84    Allan, Alex. M. (of A.M. Allan & Co., flint glass and bottle manufacturers, The Forth Glass Works, Firhill Road)

1881-92    Ramsay, Mrs. Patrick

1884-87    Bunten, Laurie (of Ronald & Co., wine merchants, 152 W. George St.)

1886-87    Dow, Thomas, district manager, London Assurance Corporation, 99 St. Vincent Street

1887-90    Hay, Robt. (of Wilson Brothers, lace and muslin manufacturers, 91 Mitchell St.)

1887-95    Lindsay, Misses

1892    Jardine, Wm. McLeod, agent, Union Bank of Scotland Ltd., Trongate

1892    Ramsay, Thomas, The Conservative Club

1897-98    Brown, Graham, 192 Hope Street

1898-1904    Morrison, Alex.

1899-1900    Black, Wm. George, writer (of Black, Honeyman & Monteath, writers, 88 West Regent Street)

1899-1907    Wright, C.L., jun., representative of the Edison Engraving Co., 167 Strand, London

1900-06    Hirst, J. Crossland, L.R.A.M., professor of music, Athenaeum

1904-12    Wallace, Miss

1909    Turner, James (Price's Co. Ltd., oil distillers & refiners, 5 Oswald St.)

Around the corner to 1 Buckingham Terrace      Next door to 20 Buckingham Terrace (3 Ruskin Place)

Across Ruskin (formerly St. James') Place to 19 St. James' Terrace (2 Ruskin Place)

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