7 Bothwell Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 13 Bank Street.

No occupant given until 1865

1865-69    White, Mrs. Jane

1869-71    Ferguson, James H. (of John Miller & J. H. Ferguson, chartered accountants and stockbrokers & insurance agents, 71 Queen St.)

1871    No occupant given until 1872

1872-81    Carrick, D.M. (of Wm. Carrick & Son, accountants and agents for Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Co. of London, 213 Buchanan St.)

1880-81    Carrick, Charles

1881-1905    Milligan, James, M.A., headmaster, Garnethill School

1905    No occupant given until after 1915

Next door to 6 Bothwell Terrace (11 Bank Street)   Next door to 8 Bothwell Terrace (15 Bank Street)

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