6 Bothwell Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 11 Bank Street.

No occupant given until 1865

1865-68    Fozier, F.W.C. (of M.T. Fozier & Co., manufacturers, merchants, importers of foreign goods and agents, 85 Maxwell St.)

1866-67    Anderson, J.B.

1868-70    Robertson, Alex., accountant, National Bank

1870-73    Thomas, Mrs.

1873-75    Steven, Mrs. John

1875-79    McGill, Wm., M.D., 9 South Albion Street

1878-90    Vass, David Ross

1881-90    Vass, James, M.A.

1890-94    Wilkie, David, agent for "Matchless Cleanser'', 19 W. Howard St.

1894-98    Barclay, Charles H., secretary, English and Scottish Law Life Assurance Association, 10 Gordon St.

1898-1904    Steel, Miss

1904    No occupant given until 1908

1908-09    Adamson, Rev. Thos., D.D., minister of Hillhead United Free Church

1909-13    Fraser, John Roy (at Paterson, Sons & Co., pianoforte, organ, harmonium & music sellers, gramophone dealers, 152 Buchanan St.)

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