2 Alton Gardens, Hillhead
now 50 Cranworth St.

No occupants given before 1904

1904    Baird, A.W. (of Thos. Adam & Co., wholesale & export oilmen & drysalters, 31 Bath St. & 12 Bath Lane)

1904-06    Lavis, Leo.

1904-07    Leiper, R.

1904-12    Law, Wm., M.A., head master, Pupil Teachers' Institute, 44 West Cumberland (now Ashley) St.

1909    Price, Arthur F., agent for Wilkins Wire Rope Co., Eastwood, Notts.

1914    Stirrat, Walter (at Geo. Smith & Sons Ltd., wholesale furriers, 80 Buchanan St.)

Around the corner to 1 Alton Gardens (160 Great George St.)      Next door to 3 Alton Gardens (46 Cranworth St.)

Across the Cranworth Street to 49 Cranworth Street (2 Lynn Gardens)

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