1 Alton Gardens, Hillhead
now 160 Gt. George St.

No occupants given before 1904

1904-8     Taylor, W.C.S. (at James Chrystal, stockbroker, 162 Buchanan St.)

1904-11    Robertson, John W. (at The Distillers Co. Ltd., 56 George Square)

1904    McArthur, Mrs.

1910-13    Larpent, G. de H. (The British South Africa Co., Land Settlement & Information Office for Scotland, 140 Buchanan St.)

1911-13    Tilbrook, W.G.

1912    Shaw, Miss

1913-14   Paterson, Miss

1913    Davenport, Chas.

Around the corner to 2 Alton Gardens (50 Cranworth St.)        Across Cresswell Lane to 166 Great George Street

Across Cranworth Street to 96 Great George Street (1 Lynn gardens)

Across Great George Street to 49 Lilybank Gardens (163 Great George Street)

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