4 Melrose Gardens, North Kelvinside

No occupants given until 1893

1893-99    Bladen, H.F. (of Bladen & Co., iron & steel merchants & fireproof constructors, 70 Wellington St. & at Parkhead)

1893-95    Mottram, Thomas H., Government inspector of mines

1894-1901    McFarlane, John (of J. & A. McFarlane, manufacturers of mangles, wringers, washing machines, laundry stoves, also domestic joinery, coopery & wood turnery, importers, contractors, Albert Works, Springbank St.)

1895-1901    Murray, Wm. R.P., 33 Renfield St.

1895-1904    Sandeman, Patrick (of Sandeman Brothers, rosin distillers and ink manufacturers, Ruchill Oil Works, 5 W. Regent St.)

1896-1904    Anderson, Robert, M.F.A., factor, property agent & valuator, 95 Bath St. & 36 Bardowie St.

1896-1904    Anderson, Wm., house factor, 144 West Regent St.

1896    Bailey, Wm. J., warehouseman (at Willis, Nelson & Co., straw hat manufacturers, warehousemen, 26-28 Queen St.)

1898-1908    Whyte, James, agent, British Linen Co. Bank, Charing Cross Branch

1904-06    Caldwell, W.F., cutter (at Regent House)

1904-06    Mitchell, Peter (superintendent, Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., 71 Renfield Street)

1906-11    Gray, John H. (at Hand-in-Hand Branch of Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd. 150 Hope St.)

1906-08    McClure, Thomas, superintendent, Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., 71 Renfield Street

1907-14    Beath, Mrs. Mary S.

1907-11    Wilson, V.A.J. (at British Insulated and Helsby Cables Ltd., 177 W. George Street )

1912    Abbott, James, chemist & druggist, 559 New City Road & 48 Wilton St.

1912-13    Oliphant E. Mitchell (at L. & V.G. Robertson, stockbrokers, 58 St. Vincent St.)

1913    Farquharson, Donald, valuator

1914    Campbell, James (of John Campbell, wine merchant)

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