10 Woodside Place, Park

No occupants given until 1842

1842-43    Oswald, Geo. (of Oswald, Porteous, Oliver & Co., East India merchants, 32 St. Vincent Place)

1843    No occupants given until 1844

1844-49    McGregor, Josiah (of McGregor & Co., merchants, 99 St Vincent St., later of McGregor, Brownrigg & Co., East India merchants, 113 St. Vincent St.)

1849-52    Brown, Samuel R., merchant (of Samuel R. & Thomas Brown, sewed muslin manufacturers, 78 Queen St.)

1852-65    Tweedie, James, wholesale ironmonger, Morrison's Court, 108 Argyll St.

1865-72    Bell, James, sugar refiner, Greenock and London

1872    No occupants given until 1875

1875-95    Kirkpatrick, Andrew J. (of Caldwell & Middleton, merchants & drysalters, 57 West Nile St., later of Middleton & Kirkpatrick, merchants & Middleton, Kirkpatrick & Barr, chemical merchants, 179 W. George St.; stores, 125 East Milton St.)

1895    Knox, David Neilson, M.A., M.D., M.B., F.F.P.S., surgeon, professor of Clinical Surgery, St. Mungo's College

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