1 Park Terrace East, Park
Now known as 22 Woodlands Terrace

No occupants given until 1858

1858-65    Paterson, Robt. (of Paterson, Jamieson & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 58 Dundas Street)

1865-75    Paterson, Mrs.

1875    No occupants given until 1876

1876-1908    Roberton, James D., LL.D., writer, professor of conveyancing, University of Glasgow (of Roberton & Ross, writers, 176 St. Vincent St.)

1890-08    Roberton, Lady

1908    No occupants given until after 1915

Next door to 21 Woodlands Terrace                  Next door to 2 Park Terrace East (23 Woodlands Terrace)

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