18 Woodlands Terrace, South Woodside, Park

No occupants given until 1851

1851-57    Fergusson, John, cotton-yarn merchant, 1 National Bank Buildings, Queen St.

1857-82    Thomson, Geo., manufacturer (of Laird & Thomson, shawl and dress manufacturers, 69 Ingram St. ; works. Broad St., later St. Marnock St., Mile-end)

1870-72    Thomson, John S. (at Laird & Thomson, manufacturers, 69 Ingram St. ; works, St. Marnock St., Mile-end)

1882-85    Dickie, David, goods manager of Glasgow and South Western Railway Co., St. Enoch Station

1885-97    Dickie, Mrs. David

1886-99    Dickie, David U., M.A., B.L., writer and notary public (of Dickie & Simons, writers and notaries public, 173 St. Vincent St.)

1899    No occupants given until 1900

1900    Dickie, Miss Jeanie J.

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