6 Wilton Gardens, North Kelvinside
Now 92 Wilton Street

No occupants given until 1894

1894-98    Campbell, Dr. F. Stewart, physician and surgeon, 20a Seamour St.

1898    No occupants given until 1899

1899-1903    Edmiston, Dr. John Clark, M.D., L.F.P. & S.G., &c. 71 Raeberry St.

1903-08    Campbell, Malcolm, M.B.C.M., physician & surgeon, 888 New City Road

1908    No occupants given until after 1915

Next door to 90 Wilton Street (5 Wilton Gardens)       Across Lyndhurst Gardens to 98 Wilton Street (20 Wilton Gardens)

Around the corner to 8 Lyndhurst Gardens (7 Wilton Gardens)

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