5 Kelvinside Terrace (North), N. Kelvinside
Now known as 279 Wilton Street

No occupants given until 1874

1874-84    Kemp, James C. (of David Kemp & Son, shawl, mantle & costume manufacturers, 37 Buchanan St.)

1884    No occupants given until 1888

1888-1900    Armstrong, Robt., wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 86 Dalhousie St.

1900-10    Black, Mrs. A.E., florist, Albany Chambers, Charing Cross

1900-10    Murray, George (at John Bruce Murray & Son, yam agents, 12 Mitchell Lane)

1910    Kemp, David H. (of David Kemp & Son Ltd., costumiers, furriers, ladies' tailors & milliners, 37 Buchanan St.)

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