8 Kelvinside Terrace (North), N. Kelvinside
Now known as 267 Wilton Street

No occupants given until 1875

1875-78    Shaw, John, ironfounder, iron foundry, Maryhill Iron Works

1878    No occupants given until 1886

1886-91    Patmore, Samuel, Forth and Clyde Sack Hiring Co., 26 Hope Street

1886-91    Patmore, Saville (of Smith, Smith & Co., merchants, 18 Renfield Street), later North British Grain Storage & Transit Co., 17 Bernard St., Leith

1891    No occupants given until 1892

1892-1902    Shaw, Archd. McInnes, iron foundry, Firhill Ironworks, Maryhill

1902-06    Spreull, John

1906    No occupants given until 1910

1910-13    Hill, Rev. John, M.A., minister, St. George's Road U.F. Church

1913    No occupants given until 1914

1914    Thom, Major G.St.C., R.A.M.C.

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