20 Wilton Mansions, North Kelvinside
now 198 Wilton Street

No occupants given until 1898

1898-1900    Parsons, J.W., R.B.A., artist, 136 Wellington Street

1898-1903    McNaughton, John C.

1898-1912    Crichton, Rev. James, B.D., Kelvinside U.P. Church

1898    Armour, W.N. (of Caw, Prentice, Clapperton & Co., merchants, ship owners & brokers, coal exporters, 175 West George St. later of W.N. Armour & Co., merchants & ship brokers, 40 West Nile St.)

1898    Hendry, Thomas L., yarn merchant (of Crawford & Co., yarn merchants, 34 W. George St.)

1900-02    Knox, Rev. Herbert C, incumbent of St. Silas English Episcopal Church, Park Road

1902    Cadell, George Allan, chartered accountant, 116 St. Vincent St.

1905-14    Sandeman, Patrick (of Sandeman Brothers, rosin distillers & oil refiners, Ruchill Oil Works, Bilsland Drive)

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