1 Carlton Terrace, North Kelvinside
(now 163 Wilton Street)

No occupants given until 1872

1872-73    Brownlie, Thomas (of Heatheryknowe Coal Co., coal masters & manufacturers of fireclay goods, 182 Hope St. ; depot, St Rollox)

1872-1911    Brownlie, Mrs.

1888-1912    Brownlie, P.S. (of Brownlie, P.S. & Co., Crown Fire-clay Works, East Nelson St.)

1912    No occupants given until after 1915

Across the Belmont Street to 1 Doune Terrace (167 Wilton Street)         Next door to 2 Carlton Terrace (159 Wilton Street)

Across Wilton Crescent Lane and around the corner to 1 Striven Gardens

Across Wilton Crescent Lane, Striven Gardens & Garriochmill Road to Stevenson Memorial Church

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