4 Wilton Mansions, North Kelvinside
now 148 Wilton Street

No occupants given until 1895

1895-98    Munro, J.M., proprietor & publisher of the "National Guardian", 93 Hope St.

1898-1902    Charteris, Dr. Frank, assistant to Professor of Materia Medica, University of Glasgow

1902-05    Charteris, A.H., M.A., LL.B., writer (of Charteris & Hill, writers & notaries public, 79 West Regent St.)

1902-05    Charteris, Mrs. M.

1905    No occupants given until 1906

1906    Maitland, Peter (Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd., iron & steel tube manufacturers, cast-iron pipes, steel castings, merchants, 41 Oswald St.)

Next door to 3 Wilton Mansions (138 Wilton Street)       Next door to 5 Wilton Mansions (150 Wilton Street)

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