14 White Street, Partick
Formerly 14 Wood Street

No occupants given until 1891

1891-93    Wotherspoon, Andrew, wine & spirit merchant, 16 Dowanhill St.

1893-1901    Melvin, Wm. (at Partick Brass Foundry Co., brass, copper, and lead works, 78 Merkland St., Partick)

1896-99    Henderson, John

1896-97    Tripney, J.M.

1896-1906    Wardrop, James, stationer, printer, newsagent, bookbinder and bookseller, optician, 97 Bothwell St.

1906    No occupants given until 1907

1907-11    Elrick, Wm. (of McCulloch & Elrick, ironmongers, 194 Byres Road)

1911    Miller, J.N.

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Around the corner to 8 Elie Street

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