35 Westbourne Gardens (South), Kelvinside
Initially known as Westburn Gardens.

No occupants given until 1877

1877-79    McKendrick, John Gray, M.D., professor of medicine, Glasgow University

1879-95    Bryce, Charles C. (of Bryce & Rumpff, merchants & chemical brokers & agents, alizarine & aniline dye manufacturers, 141 West George St.)

1895-1906    Bryce, Mrs. Charles C.

1906    No occupants given until 1907

1907-13    Goodwin, Alex. (of Goodwin Brothers, wine merchants, cigar & cigarette importers, 138A West George St.)

1913    Barr, Mrs.

Next door to 34 Westbourne Gardens (South)       Next door to 36 Westbourne Gardens (South)

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