1 Belhaven Crescent, Kelvinside
now 20 Westbourne Gardens

No occupants given until 1883

1883-96    Rose, Charles A., paper maker (of Clyde Paper Co. Ltd., paper makers, Clyde Paper Mills, Eastfield, Rutherglen)

1896    No occupants given until 1897

1897-1905    MacLellan, Mrs. George

1897-1900    MacLellan, Peter, jun.

1899-1905    MacLellan, Peter Scott (of Geo. MacLellan & Co., india-rubber, asbestos & waterproof manufacturers, Glasgow Rubber Works, Maryhill Road)

1905-07    Gibb, H.

1907    MacLellan, Mrs. G.

1908    MacLellan, P.S., stockbroker, 14 St. Vincent St., later 44 West George St.

Next door to 2 Belhaven Crescent (21 Westbourne Gardens)

Across Belhaven Terrace West Lane & around the corner to 28 Belhaven Terrace

Across Belhaven Crescent Road to 18 Westbourne Gardens (North)

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