244 West Prince's Street, Woodlands
Known as 155 West Prince's Street before 1901

No occupants given until 1894

1894-98    Wright, John, tailor & clothier

1895-96    Calder, Geo.

1895-99    Dykes, Geo.

1895    Paton, Harry, traveller (John Walker & Co. Ltd., Kilmarnock)

1895-1903    Sharp, W. McA.

1895-97    Speirs, R.R.

1895-1904    Strathearn, W.G.

1896-1905    Marsh, J.

1899-1900    Brown, Archd.

1900    Ingleton, Miss Agnes H., lady superintendent, Hutchesons' Girls' Grammar School, Kingarth St.

1904    Strathearn, Mrs.

1909    McMurray, Wm.

Across Woodlands (Blythswood) Drive to 226 West Prince's Street     Next door to 246 West Prince's Street

Around the corner to 22 Woodlands (Blythswood) Drive

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