4 Victoria Terrace, Dowanside
now 44 Victoria Crescent Road
Was also known as Victoria Crescent before 1859 later as Victoria Place then as Dowanhill Terrace to 1863.

No occupants given until 1857

1857-64    Doddrell, T. Daniel (of Murdoch & Doddrell, Port Dundas Sugar Refinery)

1864    No occupants given until 1865

1865-1900    Morrison, D., A.M., LL.D., rector of Glasgow Academy, Elmbank Street

1866-76    Morrison, P.R. (at James Black & Co., calico printers, 23 Exchange Square)

1900-11    Morrison, Mrs. Donald

1911-12    Morrison, Miss

1912    No occupants given until after 1915

Next door to 3 Victoria Terrace (42 Victoria Crescent Road)      Next door to 5 Victoria Terrace (46 Victoria Crescent Road)

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