Hillhead House, University Avenue, Hillhead
Formerly Dobbies Loan

No occupants given until 1838

1838-45    Muir, John James, at James Sloane & Co., woollen manufacturers, 132 Queen St. later at 101 later 113 Brunswick St., later at 1 George Square & 23 South Frederick St., later of John James Muir & Co., manufacturers, 12 St. Vincent Place

1845    No occupants given until 1850

1850-59    Dalglish, Andrew S. (of R. Dalglish, Falconer & Co., calico printers, 4 North Court, Royal Exchange)

1859    No occupants given until 1863

1863-68    Dalglish, Mrs. A.S.

1868-75    Hoggan, Andrew (of Hill, Davidson & Hoggan, writers, 106 Ingram St.)

1870-1875    Hoggan, Geo. B., writer, 106 Ingram St.

1875-1909    Wilson, John, (M.P.), (of Wilson & Christie, brass & bell founders, 28 Buchan St., Gorbals, later of John Wilson & Son, 3 Oxford St., Gorbals Tube Works, 20 Buchan St. & Helen St., Govan)

1909    Wilson, Mrs. J.

Hillhead House porter lodge, University Avenue, Hillhead

1851?    Gordon, Robt., butler/51?

Across Southpark Avenue (Ann Street) to 76 University Avenue    Across Hillhead Street to Saughfield House     Across Hillhead Street to 1 University Gardens

Around the corner to 65 Hillhead Street (3 Florentine Gardens)

Around the corner to 6 Florentine Terrace (78 Southpark Avenue)

Across Hillhead Street, University Gardens & Ashton Lane to 104 University Avenue (31 Ashton Terrace)

Across University Avenue to University Union

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