2 Hayburn Terrace, Partick
also known as 97 Minard (now Turnberry) Road

No occupants given until 1879

1879-80    Doig, J.

1880-89    Campbell, Alex., church officer, Hyndland Church, Kelvinside

1880-83    Curdie, John (of John Curdie & Co., house painters and decorators, 4 Stewartville Street, Partick)

1880-93    Smillie, R.D., electrical engineer & optician, 43 Union St. later at National Telephone Co. Ltd., 13 Royal Exchange Square

1880-93    Smillie, Mrs. Wm.

1887-88    Muirhead, A.

1893-94    Welsh, Fred., flesher, 324 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1893-94    Wilson, Miss, dressmaker

1894-1913    Hutcheson, A.

1907    Kerr, D.

Next door to 1 Hayburn Terrace (95 Turnberry Road)

Across Turnberry Road to 98 Turnberry Road

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