48 Turnberry Road
House name : Ashbourne, Ashburn or Ashburne Lodge

No occupants given until 1856

1856-59    Ramsay, A.G., secretary, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, 78 St. Vincent Street

1859    No occupants given until 1860

1860-61    Henderson, William (of William Henderson & Sons, soap and candle manufacturers and oil merchants, 88-90 New Wynd)

1861-64    Hamilton, Colonel W. C.B., inspecting field officer

1863-66    Carswell, William J., accountant, secretary Provincial Insurance Co. & agent for the Accidental Death Insurance Co., 77 Buchanan St.

1865-70    Gourley, Thomas, merchant (of Henry Gourlay & Co., merchants, 162 St. Vincent St.)

1868-70    Gourlay, Miss

1870    No occupants given until 1872

1872-80    Lapthorn, Samuel, Lloyd's surveyor, 36 Oswald Street

1880-94   Beckitt, Charles Richard (of Pearson, Beckitt & Co., seed crushers & oil merchants, Rockvilla Oil Mill, Port-Dundas, also of Union Oil & Cake Mills Ltd., London)

1894    No occupants given until 1896

1896-1900    Watt, J.L.W.

1900-02    Watt, Mrs. J.L.W.

1902-03    McDougal, Wm., agent for Carron Co., 125 Buchanan Street

1903-12    Picken, David, headmaster, St Rollox Public School later Overnewton Public School

1912    No occupants given until 1914

1914    McConnachie, Wm.

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