3 Thornville Terrace, Hillhead
Now 38 Oakfield Avenue, formerly 40 Oakfield Avenue, formerly Wilson Street

No occupant given until 1867

1867-69    Fife, Alex.

1869-72    Buchanan, T.G., accountant

1872    No occupant given until 1873

1873-79    Brownlie, Thomas (of Heatheryknowe Coal Co., coal masters & manufacturers of fire-clay goods, 182 Hope St. ; depot, St. Rollox)

1879-89    Smith, Charles A., West India merchant

1889-95    Cowe, Rev. Alex., M.A., Congregational minister, Hillhead

1895    Martin, John, writer, 58 West Regent Street

Next door to 2 Thornville Terrace (36 Oakfield Avenue)      Next door to 4 Thornville Terrace (40 Oakfield Avenue)

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