1 Thornville Terrace, Hillhead
Now 34 Oakfield Avenue, formerly 36 Oakfield Avenue, formerly Wilson Street

No occupant given until 1868

1868-70    Warden, John M., agent, National Bank of Scotland, 291 Sauchiehall Street

1870    No occupant given until 1871

1871-76    Thomas, Charles (of Charles Thomas & Co., produce brokers and merchants, 45 Hope St.)

1876-84    Copeland, James (of John Norman & Co., engineers, boilermakers & millwrights ; makers of high & low pressure steam engines, flour & corn mill machinery, vertical & circular sawing machinery, sugar mills, hydraulic presses, calenders, &c., 16-22 Pulteney St.)

1884    No occupant given until 1885

1885-1907    Dunn, Andrew S., telegraph superintendent, Caledonian Railway, 25 Killermont St.

1907-14    Dunn, Mrs. Andrew S.

1914    No occupant given after until 1915

Next door to Tyrefield House (30 Oakfield Avenue)            Next door to 2 Thornville Terrace (36 Oakfield Avenue)

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