1 Sydenham Road
Dowanhill Gardens, Dowanhill
Was also known as Albert Road.
House name : Norwood

No occupants given until 1857

1857-63    Callender, W.O. (of Thomas Callender & Sons, hide & leather factors, 17-21 Noth Albion St.)

1863-97    Shaw, James, agent, Cross-Arthurlie Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd., Barrhead, 97 West George St.

1888-1913    Shaw, Robt., writer (at John Stewart & Gillies)

1897-1906    Shaw, Mrs. James

1913    Young, J.

Across Linfern (Richmond) Road to 3 Sydenham Road

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Around the corner to 2 Linfern (Richmond) Road

Around the corner to 5 Kensington Road

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