4 Sutherland Terrace, Burgh of Partick
later 6 Sutherland Street, now demolished for the Western Infirmary

No occupants given until 1878

1878-79    MacAlister, Robert D. (of J. & E. Macalister, manufacturers, 9 Cochrane Street)

1879    No occupants given until 1880

1880-88    Fletcher, Archd. (of A. Fletcher & Co., baby linen and ladies' underclothing manufacturers, 54 Union St.)

1880-83    Smillie, John, wholesale tea merchant, 97 Waterloo Street

1881-86    Moss, Alfred, professor of music

1881-93    Shanks, Wm. (of William Shanks & Co., thread manufacturers, cotton & woollen yarn, cement, iron and steel agents, 76 West Howard St. ; works, Bridge of Weir)

1885-86    Cruickshank, James, jun., house factor & insurance agent, 162 Byres Road

1886-91    Murray, Angus (of Anderston Foundry Co., Ltd., machine, bolt & nut makers, ironfounders & manufacturers of railway permanent way materials, 100 Cheapside St.)

1888-92    Fletcher, Mrs.

1888-91    Paxton, Wm. B.

1893    No occupants given until 1894

1894-1904    Liddell, Miss Agnes, teacher of singing

1894-1901    Waddell, Mrs.

1895-96    Murray, Geo. D., law and mercantile stationer, 11 West Regent St.

1897-1900    Steele, James, manager at Charles Scheu & Co., drysalters and chemical brokers, 49 West Campbell St.

1898-1905    Aitken, Charles B., curator, Technological Department, Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove

1902-04    Conley, James, agent, United Society of Boilermakers and Iron and Steel Shipbuilders

1902-10    MacIntosh, Donald

1904    Carslaw, Mrs.

1905    Jolly, Mrs.

1909-12    Leitch, John, cartwright, 626 New Keppochhill Road

1910    Stuart, John (of Stuart Brothers, Royal Exchange)

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