2 Sutherland Terrace, Burgh of Partick
later 2 Sutherland Street, now demolished for the Western Infirmary

No occupants given until 1877

1877-78    Laing, Robt. H. (at John Ferguson & Brothers, yarn merchants, 89 Mitchell Street)

1877-79    MacHattie, Dr. A.T., Ph.D., analytical and consulting chemist, 88 Hope Street

1878-85    Hilliard, W.B. (of W.B. Hilliard & Sons, cutlers, surgical instrument, artificial limb & bandage manufacturers, cuppers to the Royal Infirmary, 65 Renfield St.)

1879-84    MacHattie, Miss

1885-90    Cadden, John (of John Cadden & Co., shipping and commission agents, 6 Dixon Street)

1887-88    Cockshott, H.A., G.P.O.

1887-89    Philip, Norman

1888-1913    Paxton, Miss

1893-99    Ferguson, Robt., wood measurer (of James McGregor & Ferguson, wood measurers and stevedores, Yorkhill Wharf)

1900    Mollison, Miss(es)

1914    Blackley, Stuart  & Stirling C. (of Blackley Brothers, flour merchants, 11 Bothwell St.)

1914    Blackey, Misses

Around the corner to 1 Sutherland Terrace (14 Ashton Road)      Next door to 3 Sutherland Terrace (4 Sutherland Street)

Across Sutherland Street to 12 University Gardens Terrace (9 Sutherland Street)

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