22 Sutherland Terrace, Burgh of Partick
later 128 University Avenue, formerly 9 University Avenue, now demolished for the Western Infirmary

No occupants given until 1879

1879-80    Hedderwick, Captain John, master mariner (Anchor Line, S.S.C., 47 Union Street)

1880-83    Melville, Thomas (at J. S. Dunn & Co., timber merchants, Rockvilla Saw Mills, Port Dundas)

1881-83    Wright, Wm., district manager for Scotland, Star Life Office, 58 Renfield Street

1883-85    Melville, Mrs.

1885-88    Sharpley, Rev. James R., minister, Partick Wesleyan Church

1886-90    Cumming, James, L.D.S, F.P.S.G., dental surgeon, 85 Bath St.

1887-91    Innes, A. Irvine, assistant editor, 'Daily Mail'

1887-90    Orr, James

1888-91    Labrum, Rev. W.A., Wesleyan minister

1891-94    Johnston, Wm. B.

1891-92    Pitt, Rev. W.

1894-95    Morrison, Mrs.

1894-95    Young, Mrs.

1895-98    Findlay, Miss

1895-1905    Ingram, Alexander, commission agent, 4 North Court, Royal Exchange

1896-98    McDougall, Wm., printer, publisher, and journalist, 3 Gardner St., Partick, and 738 Govan Road, Govan

1897-1901    Morrison, Miss

1898-99    Waddell, James

1899-1901    McMillan, J.H.

1900-03    Stewart, A.

1901-06    Muir, A.G.

1903-09    McQueen, Mrs.

1903-05    Norris, A.J.

1905-10    Penman, Howard (of Penmans, Ltd., china and glass merchants, 263 Sauchiehall St.)

1906-07    Thomson, C.B.

1907-09    McArthur, D.J.A., National Bank accountant, National Bank, Partick

1909    Barry, Mrs.

1910-12    Strathearn, H.

1910-11    Willett, E.V. Anson

1911    Barry, R.C. (of Moses Buchanan, travel booking office, emigration agent, foreign exchange, 22 & 22A Renfield St.)

1911-13    Students Residence

1911-14    Wilson, W.R., commission and hardware merchant, 87 Union St.

1913    Yule, John S., engineer & machinery merchant, 196 St. Vincent St.

1914    Ritchie, D.

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